Portrait of Tom Barrasso

Hello! I'm Tom Barrasso, a Boston-based technologist. I am passionate about and driven by the confluence of science, software, and design.

Imagination > Knowledge

At fifteen, I released my first app, StatusBar+. I quickly established a niche for myself: engineering (and reverse-engineering) solutions that afford users complete control over how they interact with their mobile devices. Since then, I have successfully designed, developed, and marketed nearly a dozen apps. Below are a few that I am most proud of.

Knowledge is Power

As a full-stack developer with an eye for design, I test my creative vision and avoid concepts that only work in theory. This means I support projects at any stage: from brainstorming to strategy, from defining the user experience to writing and testing code. I love to bring great ideas to life.

User Experience
As an interdisciplinary scientist, I formulate hypotheses, gather data, and make decisions. In 2016 I graduated from UMASS AMHERST with a B.S. in Chemistry. Why chemistry? As the "central science," chemical models are heavily grounded in fundamental principles but prove universally applicable. Below are some skills I acquired through independent projects and research:

At the bench, I am well-versed in methodologies of separations (GC, HPLC, SPE), spectroscopy (UV-Vis, IR, MS, Raman, NMR), synthesis, microbial culture & isolation, etc.
What about "XYZ" technique/ framework/ programming language? I'd love to learn it!
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Life in Focus

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.” – Ansel Adams
As a chemist, I fell in love with film and the way silver halides breath life into an image. I shoot portraits, animals, landscapes, and events but consider photography a creative rather than a professional endeavor. Below are some recent photos from my Instagram:

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